Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to New Mexico, Matilda!

Hello everyone,

Today is a grand day, indeed. I've been anxiously tracking the package that contained Matilda, and UPS said that she was scheduled to arrive today. Thus, I waited for the doorbell to ring, announcing the arrival of Miss Marchmont. We went to Target and Albertson's at about 2:30 in the afternoon, so I thought that when I got home at 4:30, she'd be there. Nope.

I ate a meal and then settled down to watch The Waltons, preparing to wait. I didn't have to for very long. A heavy truck rumbled up the road in all its brown and gold glory and dropped a lovely box on my porch, printed with the A Girl For All Time logo.

It was brought into the house and opened on this 3rd day of August, a very rainy day it is, too, so that Matilda surely must feel at home, since it rains so much in England.

Pictures, you say?


 Me before we opened her took five minutes to get her free. Ties and knots everywhere!

Now to the review type stuff..

She is a beautiful doll and very photogenic, too. Her arms are pretty stiff, though. She has nice underclothes and velvet shoes (which I didn't think to photograph) that slip off pretty easily. Her hair is silky and very nice...a pleasant color, too. Gray eyes and a very unique face shape. I recommend her!

That's all for today...thank for for reading! Matilda says farewell!



Jeneca Black said...

Garsh Q, I thought you had your hair cut! XD She's a beautiful doll, I love her eyes :3

Quinlyn said...

Jeneca - I DID, but that was a whole year and a half ago! XD It's long again! And Thanks!

Silverstreak said...

Congrats! She is a very pretty doll. :)

Silverstreak said...

Did you get her book with her?

Quinlyn said...

Silverstreak - Yep, I did! I read it the day after it came, but I don't like it very much at all, I'm sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

coolio-I've seen this doll before and I love her, but she is pretty expensive... totally random question, but have you ever read the original Elsie/Mildred series, or just the abridged?

Quinlyn said...

Molly - Yes, actually I have! I've read the first book in the original Mildred series and six in the original Elsie one. I definitely like the abridged Millie series better, but the old Elsie books hold a lot of charm.

Ana Clare said...

Haha, that glorious brown and gold truck is a welcomed site at our house!
So happy for you and Matilda, don't think she'll be homesick for England any time soon :)

Katie said...

So cool I have never seen a doll like that, but she is so pretty!!!

Asmita said...

The doll is really pretty! Loved your blog,followed you! Please follow me back at: :) :)