Meet the Dolls

Here you can meet each of my dolls!

Kirsten Larson is the pioneer girl, and also the first doll here in Happy Valley. She is 12 years old. She loves to fish, cook, and she sure does love her prairie dresses. She's also caring and helps the other dolls. But don't get her mad, because she has that fiery Norwegian temper. Overall though, she takes care of the lot of the other dolls and is a kind big sister. If you asked the other dolls what they would do without her, they would just shake their heads and say, "We don't know!"
Julie was the second doll to come to Happy Valley. She is 12 years old. She is anything but like her sister, Kirsten. She's the craziest doll in the town and loves fun. She is a bit vain and loves her shiny blond hair, but she is also a good sister and is kind when you get to know her. She loves to play basketball, play with her Christmas puppy Coconut, play dolls with her sisters, and listen to Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. Julie is a total tomboy but still loves her Mini Julie doll! Just don't ask her to wear anything pink and you'll be ok.
Little Miss Laylie was the third (and the first A Life of Faith doll) to come to Happy Valley. She's 7 years old and a real sweetheart. For some reason, she took a liking to Julie, and Julie teaches her things. Laylie loves all her sisters and is girly, but does like a pair of cute overalls. Laylie loves Millie's  puppy Wannago and can often be seen walking him around town. She is looked after especially by Elsie and Millie and loves sweets. She doesn't know much because she's so young, but she loves to play with dolls and is very imaginative.
Millie Keith is 12. She is also a pioneer, but she likes her fancy dresses. Millie is sweet and kind, and she and Kirsten get along quite well together since they know about the same things, such as how to cook chicken or the right way to sweep a floor. Millie's captivating violet/blue eyes and blond hair make the boys swoon, but she'll have none of it unless it's Charles Landreth. She also loves animals and has her own horse, Inspiration, and can be seen taking rides on him quite often. She also loves her dog, Wannago. 

Elsie Dinsmore is 8 years old and very sweet. She's always caring for someone, whether it's the baby Jessica or her dear Laylie. Elsie loves to read her bible and go out for walks in her hat. She also loves flowers and nature. She is also known for her supreme beauty, with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She looks good in almost anything. When your around Elsie you get a good feeling. She's very loving and obedient, and all the dolls in Happy Valley love her.
Kathleen McKenzie is 11 years old. She's also very sweet but has an adventurous spirit at times. She has red, springy curls and green eyes, and a spray of freckles across her nose. She's quite adorable, according to most of the humans out there. Kathleen loves to play with Laylie and together they have their own little world. She also likes to hang around Julie sometimes. And whenever you find a race going on, you can be sure Kathleen will be in it. Sweet and strong, Kathleen is a great addition to Happy Valley.

Violet Travilla is 14 years old and so far the oldest doll in Happy Valley. Julie took a liking to her right away, despite the fact she kind of burst in on Julie's birthday party. She is sweet and kind and a problem-solver. She likes her schoolwork and wants to be run a mission or be a teacher someday. She is very pretty but often thinks of herself as the "ugly duckling" of the family. She is really good with little kids and also loves to dress up in her mother's old clothes. Violet is sophisticated and has good taste in fashion, and overall loves her sisters.
Where do you start when talking about Leah? She was dumped in a thrift store and found by her previous owner, Lexi. Lexi never bonded with Leah and so she gave her to her good friend, Quinlyn (me). Leah is a JLY #25 and she's a real sweetie. She loves blue and converse. She also took a strange liking to Justin Bieber, but likes lots of music. One look in those deep brown eyes and you'll see how wonderful she is. Everyone loves Leah, and she is a very special doll.

Elizabeth Cole is sweet yet mischievous, shy yet adventurous, young-hearted yet mature. Elizabeth is a mixture of things and you'll never know where to find her. She could be in the kitchen making her favorite drink (that's tea), out riding horses with Felicity, or trying on different dresses or modern outfits. She came Christmas of 2010 along with Felicity, Penny, and Patriot. She likes hanging out with all the girls but her best friend, hands-down is Felicity. She also enjoys talking with Kirsten and teasing all the boys. 
Jessica is the youngest in Happy Valley, aside from her twin brother, Sam. She loves to play with her bunny toy and to have adventures with Sam. She is pretty adorable and the others love her. 

Sam and Tommy are my little brother Michael's dolls. Sam is 2, and twins with Jessica. Although he is only two, he can usually be seen making an invention of some sort. He even once made a working shrinking machine, shrinking Julie to the size of a mini doll and back. Tommy is 8 and likes to fly around on his jetpack. Sometimes we think he might have a small crush on Kirsten, but it rarely shows. They often visit and play with the girls of Happy Valley. It just wouldn't be the same without Tommy and Sam, everyone says.