Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Halloween so far...BOO.
Uh huh, I totally scared you.

I've dressed up all my dolls...a yearly tradition. I did all the other dolls a couple of days ago, and Kirsten and Elizabeth got their costumes done today. I probably burned about 100 calories running around, looking for things to use for Elizabeth's costume.

Ladies and gentlemen, the HALLOWEEN Q-CREW!


 Top row: Leah as Little Red Riding Hood (plus Pepper as the Big Bad Wolf...she takes this job very seriously so I wouldn't question it), Kit as Robin Hood (I used a little pumpkin carving tool as a dagger...ingenuity at it's finest. :P), Elizabeth as a Tea-Zombie (No, you're not supposed to ask. :D), Felicity as Captain Janeway (from Star Trek: Voyager, but she's actually wearing an Enterprise uniform, so you might as well just call her Captain Merriman. ;) ). Bottom row: Julie as a pioneer (the bonnet and skirt match the ones I'm wearing for my costume this year, also a pioneer), and Kirsten as a wizard (I wanted to do a Hogwarts costume, but I was pressed for time and didn't have anything that resembled Hogwarts stuff, so she just ended up a plain wizard. ;))
And now, let's take a little look-see at this.'d never put the two together, would you? But feast your eyes, because I have. The background is that my Elizabeth has an undue obsession with tea. So, why not carry that obsession with you, even when you're un-dead? The highlights are the tea-bags hanging from her hair and the fact that whereas normal zombies have blood stains, Elizabeth has tea-stains. Oh yes.

And for all the writers out there, I'm about to REALLY scare you:
NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Just sayin'.

Have a great time out in your neighborhoods asking for candy and getting majorly freaked!


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