Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy days!

Matilda, Last Chance Sale, Olympics.
These are the three categories of today's post.

We'll start off with the Olympics. The opening ceremony was a couple of nights ago, and it was awesome! I loved that they had people in old-fashioned outfits (a lot of you know that I'm a sucker for old-fashioned things) and that they forged one of the Olympic rings right in front of the audience. The 100-foot-tall Voldemort was really neat, too.

We've had the TV turned to NBC a good amount of time since then. My favorite sports are the gymnastics and the swimming, but a lot of the others are cool to watch, too! I was disappointed when the USA didn't win the men's swimming relay...oh well. At least we got silver. France must have been really happy, since we did the same thing to them last Olympics, Lol.

Oh, and I've noticed that the US representatives are often placed in Lanes 4 or 5 for some reason. And if you're placed in Lane 8, you might as well just go home. There's almost zero chance of you winning. XD

Julie has been quite excited as well. She's been twirling about the house, proclaiming that she's going to OWN the 2016 Olympics.

...someone please tell her that just because you have a uniform, it doesn't mean that you're going to win. ;) By the way, I think that the US should take a hint and make the gymnastics uniforms like Julie's. The design rocks, IMO!

Next topic: the Last Chance Sale!

Today, American Girl downed the prices on some of their already-existing sale items and added a whole slew of new ones. I just happened to be on AGPT at the time and caught glad that I did!
Get them while they last, if you find anything that catches your eye! Oh, and if you spend over $50, there's a coupon from the McKenna movie to get $10 off the order. It's 173471. :)

And last but not least, Matilda.

Okay, you probably have no idea which Matilda I'm talking about.

This one:

She's a doll sold from a company located in England called "A Girl for All Time". They also have a doll named Amelia, coming out this September, and others that haven't been revealed yet.

Why the hubbub from me, you ask?

Well, they have a FB account. And they gave away a Matilda doll in a random drawing to one of the participants.

And... well...


I am blessed to have won this drawing...she's a lovely doll. I can't wait till she gets here.

Welp, that's about it...I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day!


P.S., here's a picture of the new guest that has been traipsing from wall to wall in our backyard, making a webby mess.

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