Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Girl and Doll Fan Gallery

Hey Everyone!

This is the place where I put photos of American Girl Fans like me and you! :) If you want to send your picture in to me, please send it to and include your name, state (state optional) and the names of your doll(s). I hope to see your picture soon!

Top row, left to right: Kirsten, Charlotte, and Lilly Claire. Bottom row, left to right: Felicity, Bitty Baby Allison, and Ruthie. Sent in by Anne from Maryland
Sarah Chilling in the pool, sent in by Joelle

Kirsten and Julie, Sent in by Isabel from Indiana

~~~~~~~~~~~~Emily and Marisol looking beautiful in white! Sent in by Jasmine from Tennessee

Left to right: Kirsten, Emily, Mia, Samantha, Nellie, and Elizabeth. Mini Kit on Emily's lap and Mini Julie in Elizabeth's lap. Sent in by Coconut
Megan, Elizabeth, and Samantha, sent in by Caroline from Indiana!


Joelle said...


Wow that is sooo cool! I sent you a picture. Are you gonna post it?


Anonymous said...

I am 14 and I have AG dolls, I should send my picture of them to you. :) I will see what I can do to get a picture sent, although I only have 3 dolls. :)

Mims said...

OK, if I can just get my blog and camera to work I'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

(Anne here.)
Thanks for posting my picture, Quinlyn!:) Everyone's pictures are very cute!

Coconut said...

Awesome! I should send a pic, but, (LOL!) I have a blog to post pics on, so, it won't make a huge difference!Maybe sometime! (Time is something I'm lacking these days!)

Is it true? Did you find another doll you like? Here we go again... LOL! I am thinking of pooling my b-day money together to bring home Irene! Yes, I decided a name! She has straight, red, shoulder length hair freckles and green eyes! I am a bit partial to red hair as you can see! Redheads: Mia, Emily, Nellie
Blondes:Elizabeth, Kirsten
Brunettes: Samantha.

Jasmine said...

Thanks for posting my picture Quinlyn!

Liberty Jane Clothing said...

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