Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dollies, dollies, let down your hair...

Hello everyone!

And a happy Thursday to you all. Yesterday I went to my last knitting club meeting for the summer, so no more of that until September. On a brighter note, I found out that my library has the last Girls of Many Lands book I need to read in order to have completed the whole series, so I have that on hold. Yipee! It's Leyla's. ;)

In addition to reading, I have been on a doll hair kick. I'll go for weeks without really doing anyone's hair except to brush it and make it presentable, but sometimes I'll go all out and start doing different styles. French braiding takes a while, but I've found that it can be the predecessor to several neat styles.

Felicity and Elizabeth have found this out:

 I also did Violet and Elsie's hair this morning. :) Elsie's hair doesn't go into a bunch of different styles, but she does look cute with just a ponytail of curls in the back.

I've been admiring my Girl of Many Lands dolls lately...just been on a GOML kick...books, dolls, etc.! It was such a lovely line from American Girl, I think it's a pity that they retired them. 
In other news, I got Sugar the other day at Sam's Club! Since she's been retired for a little while from American Girl, I decided that I would go ahead and get her before there were no more and I regretted it later, Lol

And here is a random little birdie that I found the other day. He didn't fly very much, so I wonder if he was relatively young.

I suppose that about wraps it up for today. Have a wonderful week!

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Liz said...

Hi Quinlyn!

:O Those hairstyles are GORGEOUS!!! I love them! You have a talent for hair, my friend! I need to learn how to do french braiding better. Did you think up the Elizabeth hairstyle, or was it a tutorial?

Congrats on Sugar and I hope you love the Leyla book, that was one of my favs!

Have a great day!

Love Your Friend,