Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer, where art thou...

Good day everyone,

Am I the only one itching to get out of school? I am so very close, and yet so far away, it's kind of torture. *Sigh* I'm on my last unit of Science and Social Studies isn't too bad, it's just the Math that is aching to be my demise. So much left! So little time to be freeee!

Anyway. *cough*

My third blog Anniversary is coming up at the end of May. May 29th, in fact, is when I put the very first post on this blog. I actually registered the blog name about a month before that, but as I can't remember when, I just say that my Blogoversary is when I put the first post on. This year I have a lovely (if I do say so, myself) giveaway for you all. No, really, it's better than anything that I've given away in three years. Or ever.

Stay tuned. Greatness is coming. And Suzannah and Johannah say Hi.

 As do these raindrops. 


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