Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And the new historical is...

Hello dear readers!

I got a wonderful surprise when I checked Facebook this morning. American Girl posted this picture, and announced that the official name of the new historical character is going to be Caroline Abbott.

We've suspected that Caroline was going to be the name for a while now, but I'm glad that it's been confirmed. She is scheduled to come out September of this year...I cannot wait! I have to wonder if they are planning on retiring another doll this year in reference to her release, or just using her to replace Felicity and Elizabeth or Kirsten. It looks like she won't be getting a best friend, at least not at the moment.

Now, the MAIN reason that I am over the moon about this character's name is that my middle name is Caroline. Considering the obscurity of my first name, this is probably the closet I'm going to get to a character with my name, and that feels awesome! I'm really, really hoping that I like her enough to get her. And crossing my fingers all the harder that she is a pioneer/colonial girl. I LOVE the pioneer and colonial eras, and a couple more between those, so it would be terrific if she not only had my name but had a story and time period that I loved. The author of the Caroline books wrote the first and only Kirsten mystery, so that also gives me hope for a pioneer story.

Mimi is also excited right now, as she is writing a novel like I am and her main character is called Caroline. Caroline is a very popular name around this household!

Are you excited for the release? :D



Jess said...

Hi! I love your blog! :)
I can't until Caroline comes out!
~ Jess

Silverstreak said...

Funny, I love the colonial and pioneer times too! :)
I hope to have Caroline if I like her, waiting for her to come out antsily, but first I will probably get MyAG #25. Who knows! ;)
Love your blog, keep up the good work!