Friday, May 4, 2012

The Quest for Kitchen Supplies

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday. The weekend is coming, the goose is getting fat...oh, wait...anyway, onto the post.

Ever since I got Kit's Cookstove for Christmas, I've had my eye out for things I could use with her stove. So far I've implemented four different items...all of which I am going to show you today. Again, thank you Blogger for your fabulous new picture system.

A Potholder I crocheted so Kit won't burn her little vinyl hands. I mean seriously guys, that's a hot pot...
A jar of glitter that my friend Jenna picked up for me at Michael's.  We haven't re-filled it as of yet, though, since  Michael and I use it for different things and I'd rather not have oregano flying out all over the place. 
Julie wanted the glitter that came out of the corked jar. She said she was going to make something that required a large amount of red sparkly hearts. O.o

Here is a basket that I got at Smith's, a local grocery  store where I live. I used them for doll Easter baskets (as you may remember from my Easter post two posts back) but they could also be used in the orchard, perhaps? ;)

Today I got these tiny cups at Now We're Cookin'--half off! :O They are perfect for  a cooling drink.

So far, that's what I've collected. Kit is contented with her lot at the moment, but she has her eye on Kirsten's wooden spoon...oh dear.



Jennakitten said...

You should sell those pot holders in your etsy shop! Want me to make you some clay food for a really late Christmas present? IM me for what you want- no pineapples or pies or cakes though. ;)
Have fun baking and cooking miss Kit!
P.S. Oh goodness, I knew I should have kept the glitter.

Anonymous said...

aren't those shot glasses? lol