Monday, February 20, 2012

Success on a Monday

Hello! How is everyone doing on this fine President's Day? I'm out of school today. :)

This morning I got up and decided that I was going to write today. So, I did. I wrote for more than an hour and nearly finished my nano novel, Kingdom, which had yet to be completed. I'm pretty happy that I'm so near the end now. I just have to have one or two more things happen, and I may have a chapter left to write, if that much. Hooray!

My mom got a Nikon D3100 for her birthday, so I've been using that can take some lovely pictures! Someday I'm going to learn how to use it better, but I've been doing okay, LOL

My guitar needs tuning but I'm not a fan of guitar tuning so it'll probably sit there for a while. :P

We've been moving (again...this time back to the house we lived in before our new one. Don't ask, LOL) and I set up my dolls in my new room. Right now they're all on a single shelf except for the little GBH's and my GOMLs, both of which are probably going to go on some white shelves I have for the walls. Here's a picture of everyone in the new setting:

Hopefully they're reasonably happy there. ;) Unfortunately I don't have my AG doll room anymore, but maybe I'll be able to make one in our condo in Tennessee or somewhere else down the road of life. At least I have my girls together again!

I hope everyone has a great Monday, whether you're in school or not. :)


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