Sunday, August 15, 2010

Innerstar U!! :D

Hey Everyone!

I'M ALIVE! I know that's probably a shocker, considering I haven't posted for like...a month? Eeeeeeek! I forgot how much I loved blogging!! :( Well, I hope you guys still like me...I guess you do since none of you have un-followed me. :) OMW I HAVE 99 FOLLOWERS! :D :D :D Only one more follower for 100!!!!!!!!! Then we'll have a big blowout party. How does that sound? :D

Welp, back to the point. I GOT AN ACCOUNT ON INNERSTAR U! It's so much fun! :) I got the code from American Girl (the offer is over now...*sniffle sniffle* Now you have to buy a MAG doll to get access. :( )! Here are some screenshots from the game:

Here is my room on IU. I got the basic pack of the blue theme. I'll probably get one of the fancier packs soon. :) I'm pet-sitting Pepper, too! You can earn tons of stars by teaching the pets tricks, so I recommend pet sitting a pet! :)

Here I am at Starlight Library. Here you can borrow a book or play Help Desk Hubbub. I REALLY like Help Desk Hubbub and I think I've gotten the high score on it once. :D

I would post more screenshots but IU isn't working too well for me right now...I PROMISE that when it starts working better I will take more and show you around IU better. :)

You might see me walking around sometime! My username is Leah41. I accept all friend requests, especially from those that I know, so if you have an IU account please comment with your username and then we can add eachother as a friend! :)

Here are some pictures of the necklace that comes with the Campus Guide I got:

Pretty Leah models. :)
It's a really cute necklace, and it comes with all the MAG dolls (no, I got mine with the Campus Guide which you can't get anymore. :( ) It is made to hold the charms that now come with the MAG outfits. I hope I get one of their cute new outfits soon and then I'll have a charm to put on the necklace! :)

That's all for now!

See ya later with more screenshots!



SammySleuth said...

Thats so awesome! I can't wait till I get a MAG doll. Inner Star U looks so much fun!!!

I♥American Girl said...

Cool! My username is Adalyn10 so I'd love if we could be friends!


American Girl Fan said...

My username is Cara22!!!

Miranda said...

IU hasn't been letting me on for a month, so I'm a little iffy about my username, but I think it is Lily20. And I don't have friends yet, so I would be happy if we could be friends!!! :)

Anne said...

That is so cool, Quinlyn! :)
Leah looks really cute wearing her necklace! My username is Charlotte36 and I'd love to be friends with you! :) Thanks for all the comments on my blog too! :)


Nutti Netti said...

My username is Kyara1:)

Phoebe said...

That's cool! I love Innerstar U, despite what I might have written on my blog. My username is Gwendolyn6.

Hannah said...

Hey Quinlyn!

That is awesome you got high score on your game!
My username is Abby159, hehe, but she's not that old! LOLOLOL She's nine like me.

I friended a few girls, and I THOUGHT I saw someone familiar, I can't remember who, but I friended them. :)



Hannah (IrishGirl) said...


Miranda said...

WAIT!!! I am Miranda20, not Lily20!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Quinlyn! I know this is off topic, but I saw an online knitting pattern that made me think of you! It's free too!

Anonymous said...

Hi innerstaru is awesome! i have an account too! i am Summer738. your blog rocks!

~~Sarah and Summer