Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday was my dear grandmother's birthday! We all call her Mimi. :) Happy Birthday, Mimi! Knowing myself, I took lots of pictures! So here are a few of them, because pictures can explain stuff better than I.

Michael, Mimi, and myself. :) Don't you just LOVE my dress? Haha

Presents! I look
We went outside for some basketball! :D IN OUR DRESS CLOTHES! Fun! :)
Mimi makes a shot!

Mimi also brought her darling Louisa (a Ginger Brook Hollow doll) along! She is just soooooo adorable and gorgeous!!!
Awww. Plus, look at those curls!!! I should have taken a picture from the back! She's a perfect Amy from Little Women. We actually watched Little Women that night. LOL
:) I love her so much!

Pizza! There was also spaghetti but I didn't get a picture of that. :(

The cake, plus cupcakes. :)

Happy Birthday, Mimi! I love you!


May said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sonja said...

Happy birthday! I love your dress btw, AND her GORGEOUS Gingerbrook Hollow. :)

Jerica said...

Happy Birthday! I love your dress too!

Jerica said...

I tagged you!lol Check out the tag at my blog,!

Maggie said...


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