Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Internet is down!! EEEK

Hi Guys, here is a quick post to update you.

Last night there was this big lightning storm! It knocked out the power for a few minutes. When we got home from my grandmother's house (we were there when the storm hit) and turned on our computers, they didn't work!! Turns out the storm knocked out the internet here. I'm typing this post from my grandmother's house so you guys won't freak out and go "OH MY WORD QUINLYN IS GONE MISSING! SHE'S DEAD! OH, SHE'S DEAD!" No, I'm not dead. LOL

I don't know when the internet will be fixed...it was out all last night and so far all day today. It's super annoying. :(

See ya whenever the cable peeps fix our internet! I have a few posts planned for you guys so hold tight. :)



Anne said...

Oh no! Our power went out last night and it came back on right after I woke up. I have no idea why ours went out, I don't think there was any storm. I hope your internet starts working soon!

Sonja said...

(:-O!!! I was wondering where you were on gmail. "Maybe she took my advice and didn't get on for a day!" LOL, I hope this will be good for you, but I'll miss you all the same!!
<3, Sonja

Jasmine said...

you'll survive, I promise! WRITE ME A LETTER IF IT TAKES TO LONG!!!!


P.S. I still have my eye on that headband.

Miranda said...

Awww! :-( I hope your internet gets turned on soon!

Stella said...

Quinlyn, You follow my blog, and I recently changed my URL. Can you please re follow me? Other wise my posts won't appear on your dashboard. Incase you are wondering, I changed my screen name. I used to be Saratess.

Heres my link: