Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where has time gone? (Please read! :) )

Hi Everyone,

I don't feel I did this properly on my first blog anniversary post...I am now. I just feel like there is SO much more to say!

When I started my blog, I had NO idea what was going to happen. If it was going to get popular, if people would read it at all, or if I would get any comments. I had to wait awhile before my mom would let me post my first post, but I noticed that I had two followers before I even put my first post on. I don't know what made them do that, but I thank them. :)

Looking over my past posts, I realized something. I think that over the last year, my blogging had more quality! Maybe it's not true, but I think my blog might have gone down a little bit in quality since I first started it. If it is true, then I will try to fix that. :)

I thank all the wonderful people who have given THEIR time to make this blog as great as it is. I couldn't have done it without my 93 followers, endless c-box commenters, and people who comment on my posts. I'm guilty of not commenting on people's posts...but I do read them and enjoy them! :)

I have gotten six new dolls since I started blogging, and I love them ALL! I hope you guys like reading about them as much as I like taking photos of them and putting them on my blog. :) I want to give a special thanks to Lexi @ Old Fashion Dolls, because SHE is the one that gave me my darling Leah. :)

I have been so blessed this past year. I made many new online friends, some that I may even meet this year. I have gotten to be a much better photographer, and I am so happy that people LIKE my blog. It makes me so happy to read your comments saying how you love my blog and take time to read it!

I've blogged through winter holidays and summer swimming. About my constant struggle to curl my doll's hair (I FINALLY won that struggle!) and my entries for contests. I've posted giveaways for you and about contests, and I am currently holding my very own photostory contest. :)

So, like this post is titled...

Where has time gone?



Anne said...

Your blog rocks, Quinlyn! :) I LOVE reading your posts! And thank you for following my blog before I posted!!! My mom also made me wait before I posted. I was really happy when I saw you followed my blog! :) I love looking at all your doll photos too! I really want to enter your contest, I'm hoping my camera chord gets here soon! (My camera chord broke, so my mom ordered me a new one, but it hasn't arrived yet. So if it gets here, I'll see if I have time to do it! :)Your blog has NOT gone down at all! I love your blog! :)
Your friend,

AG Crazy said...

I love your blog so much! You have great resources on here and you are a very crafty girl! I've followed you for about a year or two and your posts have been exellent. Keep up all the good work! Also,Please check out Issie's mulit-winner giveway here: americangirlcorner.blogspot.com
Thanks so much!
Peace, Love and Rock,
Mims "mom of Issie" LOL! =0

Sonja said...

I love your blog and I love YOU!! Thanks for keeping it up! (And hey look, you're almost to 100 followers! :D)

Lily said...


I know I don't visit your blog very often. YOU!- were one of the first blogs I found through Liz's comments. After I found about 10- I couldn't keep up. You rock and so does YOUR blog. Your blogging has improved and I have loved chatting on Twitter. You have always been so supportive of ME too.

Have a great day,

Miranda said...

This was published the day before my birthday! Miranda:)