Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Giveaway you've all been waiting for! CLICK HERE!

Hi Everyone!!

Remember how I said in my last post how I would have a contest for my blog's first birthday? it is!!! :D :D

I have done some giveaways in the past. But this is going to be a little different. ;)

This is my first ever....


Yep you heard right! Now, here are the rules:

1. You must do your photo story on this theme: Summer Vacation. I won't take the stories unless they are on this theme!!!
2. You must post your photo story on your blog or Picasa Albums. No YouTube, comments, and whatnot-it gets too confusing. When you post it, also include your name and email address so I can contact you if you win. :) Then, leave a comment on this post linking back to your photostory.
3. You should have parental permission before entering. I'll have to ship your prizes to you via mail. :)

Your story will be judged on three criteria: Creativity, How well the theme is established into the story, and How nice it looks, meaning you should tidy up before taking your pictures, think about the lighting, and make sure your doll doesn't look like she was rumbled around in a tornado for a while (lol).

OH! Of course I can't forget PRIZES!

1st Place gets: A handmade doll shirt from my Etsy shop! You get to custom order it, which means I will make you one in any color you like. :) You also get an award for your blog. :)

2nd Place gets: A handmade doll headband from my shop! You get to choose the colors! And you'll also get an award for your blog. :)

3rd Place gets: A doll necklace for your doll, in any two colors you like (I'll tell you the colors I have available ;) )! Also an award for your blog. :)

The deadline is: July 1st, 2010. I will have the results up July 5th. :)

So that about wraps it up! Please enter, people!! :D



~Libby~ said...

Fun! I hope I get time to work on this :)

Jeneca said...

Hi its Jeneca I would like to enter. I have parental permission.

My picasa is
But I know you know that already! LOL

Hannah (Hannie) said...

SOUNDS GREAT!!! I hope I'll be able to enter! :D

♥Iona♥ said...

Can I enter and if I win can you announceit but I wont win any prizes? :)

Doodledog said...

Darn! I would love to enter, but my camera's totally broken and unsavable at the moment :( But I hope whoever wins does really well! Wishing you all luck!


Shelby said...

I'll enter! My email address is

SammySleuth said...

Great Idea Quinny!!! I'll try to figure out a story really soon!!!

Bookworm said...

Cool contest! I might do it, but I don't know since I'm not a very good photographer..... and I don't have any ideas for backdrops or props!

SammySleuth said...

Hey Quinny!!!

Here is the link to my entry!!!

And Here is my info, altho I think you already have it. :)

Name: Sammy


Thank you!!!!

Libby said...

I literally just got in from taking pictures. Once I get them up and watermarked and whatnot, I will post them on my blog,

Miranda said...

Hi Quinlyn! I would like to enter your contest. My e-mail and here is the link to my story

Libby said...

Right--it's done! :)

I know you moderate comments; could you please remove my email, if possible?