Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi Guys!

Now that it's Summer, everyone seems to be sending their dollies to camp! :) I thought it would be really fun to do that too, so I am going to try and plan a camp for my dolls to go to this Summer! I didn't get to do it last Summer so let's hope I get it done this year. :) I think my dolls would love a camp. Julie would probably sun tan and find some new sports that she liked, and Kirsten would probably be camp cook or something like that. I don't know about Leah...she's spontaneous! :) She'll just have to pack along her pictures of Justin Beiber and go with the flow. Haha, I found out she likes Justin Beiber. Go figure. :P

I'm going to ask one of my friends if she wants to do the camp with me, and if she does we will have one more doll in the camp!

If we DO make a doll camp this summer...what should we call it? If you have ideas for names, just comment below! :) If your name is picked, then when we make a camp photostory we will give credit to you for the name. :)



Maddi said...

Great idea! you could name your camp something like,
Camp AG, AG Camp or Doll Summer Camp


SammySleuth said...

Thats a really cool idea! Here are some name ideas...

Camp Love a Lot

Camp Caring

Camp Gowonagin (Molly's camp) :)

american girl fan said...

Maybe you should name Pine lake camp?


Hannah said...

What about camp appleblossom, sunny oak camp, or moonlight camp?

Sonja said...

Oh, Leah, too bad you didn't live where I do. Justin Bieber just had a concert here :P Although I can't stand him myself, LOL---yes I think I'm having a camp for my dolls this summer, as soon as I get back from FL. But it's definitely not going to be what the girls expect. ;)

Anne said...

My dolls are going to go to Friendship Valley Summer Camp and Sunshine Camp! You could name yours Sunshine Camp Or you could name it Happy Valley Summer Camp!
Some other ideas:
Doll Fun Camp
Camp Happy
Fun in the Sun Camp
Dolly Camp

Lexie said...

I like Anne's idea: Fun in the Sun Camp.

BrittanyAmelia said...

I think Camp (your street name).
The name of my street is Acton and my dolls school is call Action (i changed it a bit :)) Girls academy.