Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring-A Short Story

Hi Everyone!

Some of you suggested that I could write a short story about my dolls, so I decided to! :D Here it is!

It was a cold day outside and Julie was snuggled underneath her warm quilt. It was a Saturday and there would be no school, so Julie figured she might as well sleep late. She liked sleeping on the bottom bunk, especially Saturday mornings, because it was dark under there. Except she didn't like it when she was trying to play with her dolls and she kept bumping her head on the top. As Julie dozed, she was startled awake by a cry of delight. Julie jumped out of bed to see what had happened. When she got to the window, Laylie and Kathleen were looking out the window, their little faces pressed against the glass. Julie sleepily climbed up the ladder to the top bunk, which was under the window, and went to see what they were squealing about. Laylie made a spot for her and then she peaked out. All over the ground and on the wall, was SNOW! Fluffy white snow, about two inches thick. Julie adored snow, but it was melting fast. "Aww!" she said. "Nice snow and it's melting!" Kirsten and Millie were dishing up breakfast down below. "Don't mope, Julie, besides, you wouldn't want it to snow today." Julie looked down and said, "How would you know? I might just like snow so much today! Uh, why wouldn't I?" And Laylie and Kathleen and her scuddled down. "Because it's the first day of Spring! Remember what we always do on the first day of Spring?" Julie couldn't really remember. "Write a blog post with pictures attatched?" Kirsten shook her head. "Nope, good guess though. We always go out and about and take pictures of all the new Spring stuff all over, and then find a few we can steal from Google Images, THEN write a blog post with pictures attatched." Julie grinned. "WOOT! I'm gonna go get dressed!" Julie hurried into jeans and a blue sweater and hurriedly put on her tennis shoes, then sat down at the table. Then she realized something missing. "Where's Elsie? She's usually the first one at the breakfast table. She's so prompt in everything." Just then, Elsie came through the door, bundled in her merino coat with her hat pulled down almost over her shiny curls. "Good morning everyone!" she said cheerfully as she took everything off. Julie said, "Morning, Elsie. Where were you?" Elsie hung up her coat and muff and took her heavy boots off and said, "Oh, just out for a walk, enjoying the beautiful morning and throwing a few snowballs." Elsie went over to the table and took her place, and they all said a blessing before they ate the pancakes Kirsten had made. Kirsten was rolling her pancake in a peice of ham. "Uh, Kirsten, what are you doing?" Julie said. Kirsten blushed. "Oh, I always did it in 1854, never did get out of the habit." Julie rolled her eyes and poured maple syrup over her pancakes, and everyone else did too.

After breakfast, everyone bundled into coats and hats and boots and whatnot, Julie in a bright red hat and a pastel colored jacket that didn't match a bit. They all trudged outside, Quinlyn following with her camera. They all posed by the door, and Quinlyn snapped a picture. Then they all went, finding little things that showed signs of spring, such as buds on the tree and grass turning green. They even found a few flowers. Each time they found something the camera would go off, and they all stood in shock for a moment, because in their good times the dollies soon forgot the camera. With the pictures and a flower to press, they trudged back home. Quinlyn shut her bedroom door, and then the dolls were free to do as they liked. Elsie pressed her flower quickly and Millie set to making a warm lunch. Kathleen and Laylie giggled about how much fun they had and played with their dolls, and Julie tossed her basketball. Then they all ate their lunch and went over to their friends Tommy and Sam's house. They were all planning a play at school, based on Charlie Brown, and they had been practicing the "Home on the Range, Give me my Pencil" scene for days. In the scene they were supposed to sing "Home on the Range" while Lucy is trying to get a pencil back from Linus, Linus called Sally an Enigma and didn't want Lucy to tell her, and so on. But they couldn't get the timing just right to go away from the song and into the act. So when they all finally got it right and pronounced it a sucess, Julie proclaimed it a "Spring Miracle".

When they went home and ate supper and got into bed, each one of them said that it was a most wonderful First Day of Spring.

The End

I hope you liked it! :D What did you think of it? Please leave a comment and tell me! :)



~Nicki~ said...

So cute Quinlyn! Only one tiny thing; you wrote 'accept' not 'except'. Grammar might differ between here and NM though. Did you really get snow?


Hannah A. said...

Hi! That was such a sweet story! You are good at writing! I love the part about Elsie. It is sooo sweet. :)


swissmiss♥lotti said...

Grammar's still the same in NM. Haha. It's still in the States...
I live 3 miles from the border of NM in Colorado, so..yeah. lol

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Very cute story .. you did a great job .. we will be excited to hear more from you.

Ta Ta,

Anne said...

I loved it! You are a really great writer! Did you get snow or was that just for the story?

Doodledog said...

I loved it! You should definately do this more often, I enjoyed it! You're a REALLY good writer!

Sonja said...

Loved it!!!!!!!

Lizzy Bennett said...

Quinlyn, that story was great!! Of course you could submit it - there's nothing wrong with dolls. I liked it a lot... and that's a good thing, considering that I am the judge of the short story contest!!