Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tween Girls Daybook-Week 1

Hi Everyone!

I am going to do my first Tween Girls Daybook! :D Thanks so much for making this, Iona!

Date: Tuesday, March 23th
Starting time: 2:34

Mood: REALLY excited!!!

Outside my window: Gloom...and a brick wall
I was just in: The schoolroom
I'm thinking: I really hope that I can get the audio done soon for the Arthur Abriged Series on YouTube! (Please don't ask any questions!)
I'm reading: Farmer Boy
I'm listening to: Little House in the background
I'm wearing: Navy pants and a flowered shirt
I am also doing: Watching little house, and my grandmother's here
Yesterday, I: Chatted with Ima Virginia and Jasmine all together with audio clips. :D
I'm excited for: Doing the audio for the first Abridged Arthur Series episode!!
I'm sad because: I'm not sad...lol
I'm hungry for: A chicken sandwich
The song stuck inside my head is: Lots of songs...Baby by Justin Beiber, Our Song by Taylor Swift...

I want: Violet
I love: My grandmother, Michael, my friends, Little House, computer...lol
This week, my goal is: To get more schoolwork done
Ending time: 2:43 (I took a break between typing to watch Little House)

That was cool! :D You can do it too by going over to Iona's blog !


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Vellvin said...

I have a Violet doll!