Friday, March 19, 2010

Quinny & Co. Needs YOU!

Hi Guys!

Lately you might have noticed the lack of posts. Well, we can't really think of anything interesting to do! We are planning some sort of contest, but we need time for that. So...that's where you come in! :D If you have any ideas for posts or photo stories or contests that you would like to see at Quinny & Co., then please leave a comment and let us know! :D We just might use your idea! :D

So please leave us your ideas in a comment!



♥Iona♥ said...

I think you should post 10 things about you! :)

~Iona =)

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Hmmmmm .. .. .. what to do .. I think you should write some short stories about your girls .. Mama does that a lot with us too .. it is always fun to hear stories of our sisters and cousins ..

Ta Ta,

Maybob said...

I personally enjoy photos, Ex. if you have photos from when you first got Kirsten, or upload some videos. I love that sort of thing!

Hannah A. said...

Maybe you could take pictures of your dolls playing outside together. I would love to see you make a photostory of your dolls playing. Then they could go inside and get some lemonade to drink! :)

Leia said...

Maybe you could do a Quotes Contest, like my sister does.
Or you could post more about your AG girls, I like seeing posts with your dolls dressed up!


Anne said...

You could do a Spring/Easter contest or giveaway. And/or you could make a hairstyle idea for your dolls post.

Danceactsing96 said...

I think that you should include a profile of each of your LOFs. A historical photo-story would alos be interesting.

~Nicki~ said...

I would love to see some cute photos! Maybe you could post a spring photoshoot--the dolls could go outdoors. Flowers are blooming, they could have a picnic... Or maybe some pictures of the girls routines? I like the idea of some stories as well!

Madeline@AGDC said...

1.YOU always post on here, but maybe you should *give your dolls a chance* to! Like, if you have some mini dolls, you could pretend your dolls are creating the photo story! Or they could just post or do anything as long as they are *typing* it! hahaha!

2.Make your doll have a birthday! Like, make it to where one of your dolls has a birthday and the other dolls wake her up early and bring her breakfast in bed and later in the day she has a party and stuff and that sort of thing!!!

3.You could make another Youtube video or something!

Thanks!!!! Hope this helps Quinlyn!!!

Jeneca said...

I have a idea! (yes, I am Zpobonck from picasa) You should have photo story where your dolls go on a camp out!. Or they could sell leamonade

Sonja said...

Kate says, post about me & Julie, like, duh!! (oh and why is there so much pink here??)
so sorry about her insanity...

Doodledog said...

I like the short story idea, and the let-your-dolls-"post" thing. Or just do a short story. You say you want to be a writer (which, by the way, I want to be, too!), use your skills!


Hannah (Hannie) said...

Here's an idea, you can do a photostory based on one of your favorite books or movies! Like for could do a chapter or scene from Little Women with 4 dolls. Have a great day!


The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

I kno I'm supposed to have vanished into the earth or something but I really can't resist your blog! So, my ideas for you,
1. Do a cooking show, like rachelray for dolls.
2. Pretend they are on a favorite game show or reality show. Ideas: Endurance, American Idol, Total Drama Island etc.
3. Remember the post office from this summer? You could create more Happy Valley businesses, like say Red Lobster, a clothes store, or a garden store, which could maybe turn into a gardening adventure in the backyard.
4. This is a boring idea, but what about spring cleaning?
5. You could pretend they are going on vacation.
6. They could go to a petshop and get a pet/stuffed animal!
7. How about a band?
8. Make a short play from a classic like the wizard of oz or alice in wonderland.
9. They could throw you a suprise party for bein a good owner.
10. Make them a fort or playhouse out of stuff. You could use the couch and blankets to make a fort, or a large cardboard box. I did that for my dog once except it wouldnt stay it the box! We used a moving box or you could probably find one at a craft store.
Wow i did a lot of ideas! I'd better stop or I'll be brainstorming for you all day! Haha

Vellvin said...

Hi Quinny!
I'm new to your blog but I thought maybe you could have a small Caption Contest each month so you don't run out of posts.