Monday, September 21, 2009

New Converse!

Hey Everyone! :D
Yesterday at Target I got some new first pair of Converse! :) They are my favorite color (PINK!) and are very cute! Here are some pictures I took: They have a star cutout on each side. :) And my favorite color, too!
Julie likes my Converse, too!

In this picture from Julie Tells Her Story, we see her playing basketball in red Converse! :D Maybe I can find some doll ones for her!
Do you have any Converse? :)


Joelle said...

Sadly I don't have any Converse :(. Because my size shoe is a 8 so it is hard to find shoes for me :(.

But Congrats!


~Miss Zara~ said...

Hi Quinlyn,
I love the dollies,did you get my email okay as I forgot what was the question I ask you?
Let me know

Liz said...

Hi Quinlyn!

I LOVE your new converse, they are so cute!! The picture of Julie is funny, you are so creative! :)

Also, I love your blog's new look! It is so Fallish! lol :)

I hope you have a great day!


Jasmine said...

Cool! I have black converse which comes just above my ankle bone. Oh and Joelle, if it's any conselation, I wear a size 10.

Hannah said...

Love your new shoes!! I don't have any converse but a lot of my friends do!


♦Libby♦ said...

I have huge feet :( Cute shoes Q!
As for dolly converse...I have heard Liberty Jane do them!

The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

Cool shoes! I have them in black. They were my mom's old ones! What size are you? I'm an 11!