Friday, September 18, 2009

McDonald's American Girl Toys! :D

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday my dad picked up these awesome AG toys from McDonald's! :D Just so you know, I never eat there, so we got them seperately from the Happy Meals. :) They are so awesome! I have only opened Josefina, Addy, Julie, and Molly thought because it is hard for me to untie the pretty bows! LOL Here are some pictures:

Here are all of them, before I took them out of the packaging (well, minus Kaya. ;) )
After I took them out! Notice how pretty they look! And the BOWS! LOL

Kirsten and Julie like playing with the paperdolls! Hey, girls, don't hog them all! Well, at least they didn't take Kaya. I think hers has the prettiest packaging. :)

These are really awesome and high-quality toys! :) I was very lucky because nearly all of the McDonald's my dad tried didn't have any left! They must have been very popular! But then my mom called this one and the manager answered, and they had a whole box of them! :D The thing is, my dad had already been there twice and they said they didn't have them! Of course the manager knew, but he never got her. :) Yay for these awesome toys! What comes in them: mini paper dolls, a craft, built-in scenes for the paper dolls, and a little booklet. :)
Something else: I would like to say congratulations to Lexi (AKA 14OldFashionDolls ) because her beautiful doll dress won first place at the New Mexico state fair! :D *claps* Also congratulations to Anne (AKA agfan14 on the MB) for her doll clothes winning her fair prize! :D *claps*


Isabel said...

Me and my sisters each got one. I got Julie, Caroline got Felicity, and my younger sister got Kit.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, me and my family never eat at McDonalds, we just aren't big fast food people I guess you could say. Anyways...thats cool that they have American Girl toys now!

Sara said...

HI!!! Those toys are so cute! My sister loves them. Why don't you eat at McDonalds. We don't really either. We mainly eat at home. See ya!
Sara (Anya's owner)

Totally Pink said...

I did the same thing except i did it on the day they came out oh and on ebay they are going for 23.00!! wow anyway keep posting

Joelle said...

That's really cool, Quinlyn! I only have Addy, Molly and Josefina! I wanted more but never got anymore...

Congrats :).

Anonymous said...

Aww, you are lucky to have them all... :)