Monday, September 21, 2009

I was Tagged! :D

Hey Everybody!

I was tagged by Isabel! :) Thanks! So, here is what you are supposed to do: Tell a funny true story about something that happened to you and then tag 5 people. :) So, here is my story:

One day, my dad was going to put some curtains up in my room. My window is right over my doll room, so I decided to take Kirsten and Julie out of their house so that they wouldn't get messed up. I put them in Michael's room, and then we just started playing that Kirsten and Julie had to evacuate their house and Tommy and Sam (Michael's dolls) did, too. Then they were thrown on the street and they had to get jobs. Kirsten ended up working for a grumpy farmer and she had to give a bear a bath. Julie got a job as an actress and singer and mostly preformed "Mulan", and Tommy I think was working for some fussy rich lady. LOL! We always get so crazy while playing with our dolls! I have multiple funny stories like this because they happen every time we sit down and play dolls! I could write a whole book with funny stories! I wish I had pictures!

I tag:

Hannah (Hannah's Hangout)
Lexi (Or her dollies!)

Have fun with this tag! :D



Isabel said...

Funny story! I should do that with me dolls!

The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

lol. My sister never plays dolls with me. She isn't very creative about it either. I am by myself.

Hannah said...

Thanks!!! I will make my story ASAP!