Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New YouTube Video!

Hey Everyone!

I just made and published the stop-motion that I have told you about that you have all been waiting for (wow, long sentence...)! *Pants* it is:

What do y'all think? :D It took me like two weeks to finish this!



Joelle said...

Wow Quinlyn I love it! It looks very hard to make!! You did really good, Quinlyn!


Bella said...

Wonderful stop motion Quinlynn. I like your front porch. Lol! XD

Sonja said...


~Miss Zara~ said...

Hi Quinlyn,
I have Special needs and I suffer from a rare syndrome.
Would you like to be penpals?
Let me know please
My email is

14OldFashionDolls said...

Love it! Oh wow, so cute, and the music goes great! *hugs*

Isabel said...

How on earth did you make that? That is soooo cute! I love the cats moving around!

Anonymous said...

That is AH-mazing! Quinlyn, you are so talented! I could never do ANYTHING like that!!! Good job!
aka AGPrincess

Coconut said...

Hi Quinlyn! Love the stop motion! Awesome! I am so busy 2day! I have a report to do! ugh! I have roller skates/blades too! Except the dolls can't stand in them. I tried, but, they toppled off the table and onto the floor! Also, I will be lazy and leave a comment on the mcdonalds toys here. lol. Lucky! You got all 8? How much were they? I have 2 that came with meals. At 1rst I thought you went to mcdonalds 8 times. lol. I have Molly and Josefina. Josefina was given to me by my sister. Guess what? I'm 12! Yay! Finally! Here's something to tell your parents: 12 year olds are legally allowed to stay home by themselves! I have bugged my mom about that a lot. I like to stay at the house by myself. Idk why! lol.

Hannah E. said...

Wow that is so neat! How did you make that?!

marina, anesly, and bridgette said...

This is really good! Congrats!