Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sorry guys!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry about not posting for two days and then posting late today! I need to get better about my blog. :) I won't be posting every day anymore, but I will still post often. :)

Today I went to Hancock Fabrics and got some Angelina Ballerina fabric to make a pillow for my room! It is so cute! :) I will post pictures when we make the pillow! We also went to Barnes and Noble! I could stay there all day! There were tons of American Girl books and kits! Some of my friends got the Doll School book at their B&N, but they didn't have it at mine. :(

Today I have a cute new video for you guys! :D I made it yesterday, and it has been on my YouTube, QuinnyandCo. :) Here it is:

I hope you like it! :) But, go to 2:10 on the video and watch Julie's mouth closely. Did it look like she...smiled bigger? :O

I will have a video and pictures from washing Abbie's PM Kirsten's hair (PM Kirsten is staying with me and the girls for a little while! :D)




Coconut said...

I bet the video was cute, but, the computer kept on stopping evry 3 seconds, so I'll just watch it when I get home!
The hotel that I am currently staying at has internet. Yay!!! I am having a good time in Alaska and I will be back soon!

Melissa said...

That video Is to funny! It did look like julie smile got bigger! I have a pm kirsten too. Oh and by the way i heard that song on the radio yesterday.


Coconut said...

I just watched that video! It was really cool! Were you singing along? It kinda sounded like you were at some points! I liked the part where Kirsten and Julie were "fighting" Nice job!