Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late tonight...

Hey Guys!

Right now I am just sitting at the desk, typing. But there is more going on, because Abbie and Nathaniel are here. We have all finished eating dinner (spaghetti! Yum!) and we are watching The Sword in the Stone! It is such a funny movie! I recommend it to everyone! :D Here is a little bit about it:

In Medievil times, there is a boy (about 12) named Arthur, but everyone calls him Wort. He works in a big palace. There is also a wizard named Merlin who can see into the future and has been there, so he teaches Wort all about life and gives him a proper education. But Wort is more special then everyone thinks! :)

I won't give away everything, though! You will have to see the movie. ;)

Now Abbie, Than, and Michael are eating white grape juices pops that we made. :)

I think I have another post or two planned, so keep your eyes open. ;)



Jenna said...

Hi Quinlyn~
Welcome to my blog and thanks for following!

Many Blessings,

p.s. I LOVE your background;)

Hannah said...

My eyes are always open on your blog! (Except when I blink or sneeze) Did you know that it is impossible to keep your eyes open when you sneeze?