Saturday, August 1, 2009

Playing in the Backyard~Part 2

Hey Everyone!

Well, I am back! We took Abbie and Nathaniel home a little earlier and now I will put up a blog post with pictures for you! :D

I didn't win anything from Young Homemakers, but my friend Liz did! :D Congrats, Liz!

Here are the pictures for Part 2 of us playing outside! Long overdue, I know. :) Feet in the sky! How I took this photo: As I was swinging, I took my camera and snapped the photo. I am so dangerous. LOL

Michael kicking a ball around. I though it was a cool photo. :)

LOL Michael, how did you get so small?
I am still wanting #23, maybe more than the other dolls I listed. Anyone have some good names? Please vote on my new poll about which doll I should get next! :D
See you tomorrow!


Hannah said...

Wow! When you said that Michael is your little brother, you weren't kidding! I didn't like that picture with your feet in the sky. It was too dangerous. Just don't fall down. By the way, what did Liz win?

Jerica said...

Hi Quinlyn,I voted Ivy since you have Julie and it would be so cool to have her best friend too,and also Ivy is so cute!Wich JLY is #23 like what color is her hair eyes and skin?Well please comment me back!

Isabel said...

Hi! I am Isabel, Caroline's sister. I started a blog:
I didn't know how to view doll #23, but I like these names: Emma, Leah, Alexis, Alexa, Jeanette, Randi, Kayla, Rachel, Ashley, Melissa, and Paris. Sorry for the long list.

Mims said...

Have you been on YOu didn't win by the way. Friends,