Saturday, July 18, 2009

Of Youtube, Followers, and a Quiz

Hey Everyone! :)

Since a lot of people have been creating "How well do you know me" quizzes, I made one of my own! :D Click Here to take it! Then please comment on your score! :) Ok, and here is one rule: You CANNOT look at my site for the answers! Good luck!

Now, on to followers. I got my 20th follower! Thanks so much! Thanks so much to all of my followers, because you help this blog a lot. :)

Of Youtube? What? Well, I just got a YouTube account! Mine is QuinnyandCo, and I almost lost it! You see, I had said on the board that I wanted to make a YouTube and I thought my username was going to be QuinnyandCo and I took a vote. Well, while I was at the Group Chat (it was very fun, but not as fun as the first one! :) ) and then when I got off and went to make my account, THE NAME WAS TAKEN! I couldn't believe it! I thought maybe one of the girls (or a lurker) took my name! So, I don't know who did it, but there has been a prank thread on there. I am not pointing fingers, though. But! Enough of my rant! Go see my YouTube! Go on! You know you want to. ;) I have one video up so far, but it will grow. :)

Like I said up there, the group chat was really fun! About 10 minutes of it was where some of the wilder dolls (Abbie's Jess and Kirsten, Anna's Jess, and my Mini Kit) were talking about DD, which stands for Doll Domenation. It was funny, because some of us posted pictures of our wild dolls tieing up our others! :D Toward the end, it calmed down, and I tried to make a cool BSG video, but they wouldn't send it to me! Rats!

Well, bye for now!


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Coconut said...

So your You tube account is QuinnyandCo or it was going to be QuinnyandCo. What does the Co stand for? I've been trying to figure it out for a while!