Friday, July 17, 2009

The New Post Office!

Hey Everybody!

Today my little brother Michael and I made a post office for our dolls! :D Julie works there, and Sam just got a part-time temporary job to work there while Julie has her lunch break. :) He gets payed $1.00 an hour. :) Here are some pictures I took when it first opened:

The whole Post Office, located half the way up the stairs. Hey, what's that bear doing there? :O LOL

The Sign! Written in my awful handwriting. ;)

Here is where people put their letters, fragile things, and packages to mail. They are actually empty Kleenex boxes with paper labels! LOL

Here is the cash register (people buy stamps and paper). How I made it: I took a mini doll box (the one Rebecca came in, if you want to get technical) and then taped a piece of paper on it. :)

Julie at her desk!

The paper and stamps you can buy. The stamps were made from the instructions from Our Dolls! :)
Hey, everybody!

Here is the sign that tells you were and how much the stamps and paper are.

Michael and I are working on a whole town, and I think it is going to be called Happy Valley. :) Kirsten is going to be a news girl (have a news show) and Tommy is going to run the bank. Also, Sam and maybe Jessica are going to run a pet shop. :D
On another note, I am doing this blog post a bit earlier today because I have stuff to do this afternoon. But I like getting my posts done early! :D One of the things I have to do is very fun! It is...
The 2nd Official Group Chat on the American Girl Fan message board! :D What is a group chat? It is a specific thread and time where we all (guests and members) get together and chat about random subjects, mostly American Girl dolls! :) So, if you are a guest or a member, head on over there and chat with us! It is going to be at 6:00 EST, but it is 4:00 for me because I live in New Mexico. :) We hope to see you there! Here is the link. It is a very friendly message board for children and teens! :)
Bye for now! Maybe I will take a few screenshots while I am chatting with the other girls! :)


Liz :) said...

Hi Quinlyn,

I love your Post Office, it is so cute! :D

Thank you for talking about the Group Chat! I am so excited about it! :D

Also, I love your new stop-motion video! I think it may be your best one yet! I love the dress you made! :)

I can't wait to see you at the Group Chat! :)

<3 your friend,

Emily Shae said...

You are so creative. I wish I was that way!