Sunday, July 19, 2009

About Today...

Hey Guys!

Hmm...not much going on right now. Hum hum hum. Do dee do. But I do have something to tell you, I suppose...

You know how you usually see me on the message boards and online a lot? Well, that's not going to be happening today. Because here are the things we have to do, prior to Mimi's birthday party and my cousins, Abbie and Nathaniel coming over:

Go to church
Clean (LOL)
Hang up decorations for the party

Cleaning is a must on that list. I am not an extremely clean person, although I would like to be. :) Not even my doll room is clean (which it almost always is), because I took some stuff out of it to take contest photos. Sheesh!

Abbie has a Kirsten doll (Pre Mattel) and so she is really looking forward to playing dolls with me! :) I might also take a photo story. :)

Last night, there was a storm, and there was tons of lighting! It was pretty! :) I wish I could have gotten a picture, but my mom wouldn't let me go outside. A good thing. :)

Bye for now! You won't see me on the computer as much today. :)


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Totally Pink said...

hi still loving your blog do you like mine guess what jenna said she commented and my blog is boring and now i don't read her lame blog bye claire