Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair and Cousins

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! :) I was a wee bit busy and I didn't really have much to post about, anyway. :)

Hair? Huh? Well, I have been messing around with Julie's hair lately! I put finger-curled it and used a barrette. Actually, barrettes work just like curlers! :D

Cousins? Huh? LOL Kirsten and Julie's "cousin", a PM Kirsten, is coming today to play with them! Look out for a new photo story or two! :) Also, I may be fixing up PM Kirsten some while she is here. :) Before she comes with Abbie, we are going to go to Target. I might find some AG things there! Or at least look. :)



Jasmine said...

You said you like comments so I will comment here because I'm really nice. Just Kidding!

I can't wait for more photostories!

Coconut said...

Your lucky to have cousins your age (Or somewhat close!) I have a half-cousin whos 14 and 2nd cousins who are 2 and 4, but no one's really my age.