Friday, July 24, 2009

Julie's Hair

Hey Everyone! :)

Sorry I waited this long to post!

Yesterday I finally got some foam rollers and I curled Julie's hair! Well, it only flipped on the ends. I found out which size of curler works best on Julie's hair, so I re-curled it using only that size. I will take it out tomorrow or the next day, and her hair should be really curly! :) I will post pictures! Right now Julie is sitting outside. Her hair will dry faster that way. I am sure all of her customers at the Post Office were giggling! LOL

Arrg. I just used up the rest of my memory card for my camera! ARRG! My mom said I could use her camera, but, *sigh*.

We are working on an awesome story on the American Girl Fan message board! Abbie, my friend, started it! :)

Well, bye for now! So sorry about no pictures! :(



Anonymous said...

I curled Samantha's hair in curlers a few months ago. It looked so cute, but it came out when I brushed it.

How many pictures can you fit on your memory card? Mine can fit 512 about. I always empty it like every day almost :)


Jasmine said...

Hey Quinlyn! You probably need to delete some pictures, aren't they already saved on your computer?

Elizabeth J. said...

When I was younger, I loved curling my hair with those pink spounge rollers.=) If you're wondering, I arrived here from the Rainy Day Blog Designs. Feel free to drop by my blog.

Elizabeth J. said...

Thank you for following my blog.

Jerica said...

I saw that you said you wanted a sleepover set from Target.I have 1 if you get the chance to buy 1 I would they are great!

Jerica said...

Hi Quinlyn,First,I love your name.Second,I voted for your doll camping picture on,Jerica

Quinlyn said...

Hi Jerica!

Aww! Thanks! :D It is Irish! That's why I need to get Nellie. Now I have an excuse. LOL And thanks so much for voting for me! :D

Thanks! I did find both sets at Target, so maybe I will hop there and get one. Everyone says they are great! :) Thanks for your imput!

Have a great day!


Coconut said...

Too bad Nellie got retired. She was my 1rst doll. My name is Latin. (Not Coconut, my real name!) I am going to look it up to see if it is a name for any dif. cultures.

Jasmmine said...

Where did you get the roller's from? I used to have the AG rollers but they kind of go.. ehem .. Lost (like all my stuff)