Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey Everyone! :)

I am excited because today I got my first-ever blog awards! :) Thanks, Sarah Elizabeth! :) She awarded these to all of her followers! :)

Here is the first one (I am going to put both on my sidebar):

I award: Hannah, Liz, and Hannah (Farm Girl In Flip Flops). And this award is also going to go to ALL of my great followers! Thanks, guys!

And here is the second one:

I award this to All of my awesome followers, as well! :D (Well, all of the girls anyway. ;) )

Thanks you guys for being awesome! :D



Coconut said...

You can send blog awards? Never knew. How do you receive a blog award? (I'm new at the technology stuff as you can see!)

Quinlyn said...

Well, sometimes people create awards and then give one to you. :D I just got awarded because I followed blogs. LOL