Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where you Can Follow Me

Hi Everyone!

As I might have told you already, the Facebook page I had for my blog and doll usage was deleted when Facebook went and demolished most of the accounts made for dolls, since they classified them as another identity. That page is still gone, but I do have another one that I wanted to tell you about-one that you can "like". :) Here is the link: Quinny & Co. Facebook Page

You can also follow me on this lovely new site that I've discovered called Pinterest. It's getting more and more popular, and I love it. Unfortunately, you can only sign up if you have a Facebook or Twitter account. I hope that they change this so that people without these applications can join, too. Here's the link to my Pinterest, which you can still look at even if you don't have an account. :) Quinlyn's Pinterest There I have a board for dolls, story inspirations (which includes pictures that remind me of the stories I have already written), Animals, Crafts, Photography...etc. etc.! :)

I also have accounts on YouTube (just put on a new video!) and Picasa.

See you guys soon...either on this blog or on one of the social networking sites! ;)


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