Saturday, December 24, 2011

T minus 6 hours...

'Till Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Today's been a busier day than usual...mostly because of food! This morning, Mimi and I made some rolls for Christmas eve/day dinner. Wow, that dough was sticky. :P They're done now, though, and look great. Yesterday we made a pineapple cake and it's currently waiting for it's icing. A chicken casserole is being prepared right's kind of been a tradition to eat chicken casserole on Christmas Eve...this is the third year we've done it! LOL We're also having ham, veggies, the rolls, and cranberry sauce. Yummy!

I finished dressing my dolls for Christmas this morning...they all look beautiful! We're in a situation where I can't have all my dolls with me right now, but I have all my AG's and Millie. I'm going to try to get some pictures of them. :)

Tonight while we eat dinner we're going to watch A Christmas's a great movie! It's the animated one that came out last year (or the year before that, I can't remember :P).

I hope that everyone has a wonderful night tonight and gets some sleep before Christmas. ;) Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


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