Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again-time for 30 days and nights of creativity, craziness, and many, many words. Ideas are growing, the world is shrinking as people come together to celebrate this event. What is this event?

Why, it's NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month!

As some of you may remember, I did Nano last year and turned out around 20,000 words on my novel Charlotte. That novel is currently under the # drafting/editing process, and I hope someday to turn out the finished product, where I can actually stand back and say, "This is Charlotte. This is my first novel. It is complete and I'm not going to mess with it anymore." But for now, we move onto other projects.

This year's novel is called...Kingdom! And it has to be at least 20,000 words.

I'm bad at summaries, so don't expect anything fabulous, but here's something to give you an idea about what it's about:

Bethany, the princess of Seretina, has a life that most people only dream about, what with the servants and being the princess and all. Suddenly, her world is shattered when her father, the king, is murdered by no-one knows who-but Bethany has her suspicions. After another attack, this time on the queen, Bethany sets out to find whoever is doing this to the royal family. Along the way, she finds a mysterious letter revealing secrets from the king's past, and a common boy she's attracted to even though he could never be her equal. Adventure, mystery, and tragedy abound inside the borders of this kingdom, only to be revealed to those most worthy.

So there ya go. Of course, my novel is in the early plot stages and not all of these events may happen, but I had to give you something, didn't I? :) I guess we'll see what happens.

Are any of you doing Nano this year?

P.S. I took my cbox down again, and this time it may have to go for good. There are just too many spammers and they aren't going away. I'm sorry, guys. :( If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a comment or email me (you can find my email on my Contact Me page). :)


Jennakitten said...

you already know this but....
*puffs up chest* I AM DOING NANO!
By the way, this is just my opinion, but it would be a lot easier on the brain if the kingdom was called Serentina instead of Seretina. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

When are you to update The Dolls of Happy Valley blog? I absolutely am a fan!
I am also an aspiring author. I just find it hard for me to concentrate with writing my book. I'll start it, but never finish it, then I'll start another one.
Do you have any tips? I could really use them!

Anonymous said...

Um if you do Nanowrimo does your story have to be called KINGDOM???

~Quinlyn~ said...

Hi Anonymous (if you leave another comment, could you do me a favor and sign your name? :) Thanks!),

LOL, sorry I worded that a little weird! No, you don't have to call it that...that's just what I'm calling mine! NaNoWriMo lets you name it whatever you want. :)

I'm not sure...I think I need to give my dolls a nudge and tell them to post on that blog of theirs. Thank you for being a fan!!

That sounds just like me-I start, but I don't finish! I suggest doing NaNoWriMo. It's the only thing that gets me motivated to finish the novel. It also helps if you come up with a plot that you really like or believe in. Good luck!


Lexie said...

Sorry! I had to go and didn't have time to write in LEXIE!

I'm thinking of signing up but want to start by novel first.

Silverstreak said...

Sorry! I was the first Anonymous. Thanks, I like to know that I am not the only person who starts and never finishes. That is the reason I write my blog, to exercise my writing abilities and be motivated to finish!
I have never heard of NaNoWriMo, could you explain what it is?
Thank you!

~Quinlyn~ said...

Hey Silverstreak!

You're certainly not the only one! :) That's great-I'll follow your blog!

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month, and in the month of November, everyone who signs up creates their own word count goal (default and for adults is 50,000 words) and writes a novel with at least the amount of words your word count goal is. Mine goal is 20,000 words, so I have to write a novel that's 20,000 words or more. If you get to your goal, you win five free paperback copies of your book, a web certificate, web badge and bragging rights! It's a really cool program! :D It's already nine days in this year, but you could always either start late or wait till next year. There's also this thing called Script Frenzy in April when one writes a script for a movie, TV show, play, etc., or a comic thing in a month. I hope that helped! :)


Lexie said...

Is it free?

Silverstreak said...

Thanks so much! It sounds like fun, and also motivation to do what I love, write! I think I might try it next year.

~Quinlyn~ said...

Silverstreak-You're welcome! If you do it next year you can add me as a writing buddy! :) My username is Quinlyn.

Lexie-Yes, it's completely free! Even the five paperback copies you get this year are free! Last year they only offered one, though, so I'm not sure what's going to happen next year. :)

Liz said...

Hi Quinlyn!

Thank you for participating in Shout-Out Your Doll Site!
That's SO awesome you are doing Nano again this year! Your story sounds so good! After you're finished can you share some excerpts from your story? I love to read your writing!

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Your Friend,

~Silverstreak~ said...

Oh! If you'd like to follow my blog(Which I would of course appreciate) just click below or on my name.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, my friends at school are doing it. Also, my friends were in they news, about NaNoWriMo(I think that's it!)