Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Art of Following

So, I got this idea for a post tonight as I was following someone's blog. Following someone's blog isn't...REALLY an art. It's just something nice to do.

Say, you like a blog. You'd like to follow it...but the follower box is no where in site. So you don't waste your time looking for it. That's just lazy! Some blogs actually don't have one, though, so in this case, you go to the top of the blog and above the header, on the Blogger bar, you'll see the "follow" button. Just follow the blog like normal. When I do this, I see that blog's last 25 posts or so show up in my Dashboard follow box. It's a pain to scroll through them all, but soon it won't matter anymore. ;)

But say that the box IS there. Then it takes three clicks. Mm hmm. Three clicks. Then you're following the blog and you've given that person one more follower and increased their follower count. Every follower matters! You could make someone's day...or at least brighten it just a little. ;)

So, if you're ever on the fence about following, then just do it. This is of course considering you like the blog, or maybe it's your friend's blog. Whatever! LOL

Talk to you later,

Edit to Add: Although it may seem like it, I'm not just asking for followers. ;)

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Jasmine said...

Haha, I got rid of my little bar thingy at the top :P