Monday, June 27, 2011

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currently listening to: Kamikaze by Owl City

Hi Everyone!

How are ya'll? I'm doing really well and I'm glad that school is out. It has been super dry here lately. The humidity is sometimes 5% and the temp. has been high. In the 90's! *pant pant* Once, in our old house, a husky dog was on our porch, probably trying to get out of the sun. Poor thing. I don't remember how hot it was back then, though.

It cools down in the evenings and we go out in the backyard. Last night when we went I danced and "sang" quite a bit because I had just watched Singin' In the Rain. A movie that more people should see. :)

I am currently reading three books:

Mud City by Deborah Ellis
The Shunning by Beverly Lewis
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The first and last ones I am reading more, and The Shunning is kind of off to the side. LOL Which reminds me, I have to get my novel in today. Would someone please be so kind as to force me to do it? Because otherwise I'll wait till the VERY last minute because I am a procrastinator. :P

Last night we ordered a package from Amazon! Inside was...All Things Bright and Beautiful, the new Owl City CD! :) I'm excited for when it comes. Michael and I are each paying for half, since we both like Owl City and we'll be sharing the CD. Yay!

And I'm sorry about the Deer in the Headlights AGMV! Michael and I started lagging on it and haven't filmed anything in the past few days. For one thing my throat had been bothering me so that knocks out one or two days, but still. We'll get it up eventually! :(

I should go now...I hope you all have a great day. :)


P.S. Thank you for 125 followers!!! :D You guys rock!


Spicemuffin and Company said...

Awesome! I'm reading Pride and Prejudice too!

Shelby said...

Hey Quinlyn!

Long time No talk! I just noticed that on the monthly book reviews button it says MOUTHly! Lolzzzzzz

Hannah said...

I would love that CD...Maybe I should think about buying it. :) I love Owl City.

You're lucky that your brother likes Owl City; mine doesn't. :(

I like your new design!


mar (nickname) said...

where can i buy a life of faith dolls?? i <3 ur site!!! love ur awards!!! they r so cool!!!

i wish i had a blog they r so cool!!!

Doodledog said...

Hey Quinlyn!

You haven't posted on your story blog in so long!!!

Anne said...

I like Pride and Prejudice too! Have you seen the movies?