Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!

So I have finally been working on the revised version of my NaNo novel, Charlotte. It might not be done in time to use the coupon, but that's fine because I might just publish my first edition anyway.

The revised one will be up on Amazon once it's done. Unless I decide to make another re-written copy...but we'll hope that won't happen in the near future. XD Unless of course some publisher happens to like it and wants to publish it. XD :P is your weekend going? Mine has been going alright. :) My dolls have a new guest at their house-Suzannah! She was lonely on a shelf by herself and now she's with the AG dolls. She likes the cats and Kirsten. :) Julie reminds her a little of Johannah and Leah of Kathryn. Elizabeth of Meg and Felicity of....Johannah. Poor Suzannah, she misses Johannah. :(

Last night we watched a movie called Saving Sarah Cain. It was based off a novel by Beverly Lewis. It was pretty good. :) Speaking of Beverly Lewis, right now I'm reading The Shunning by her. I saw the movie on Hallmark Channel and then I saw the book at Sam's Club. It's pretty good, too. :)

Cya later!



Hannah said...

Wow, your book is going to be on Amazon? Awesome! I'd love to read it, I'm sure you did an amazing job on it!

~Quinlyn~ said...

Hannah-Thanks! Yes, if you publish your novel using CreateSpace then you can put it on Amazon. :) I can't wait!

Spicemuffin and Company said...

Cool! What's your book about?