Saturday, April 9, 2011


*cough* Umm...yeah...haven't posted since...uhh...MARCH.
*waits for the tomatoes*
*wipes tomato from eyes* Thanks...I needed that.

So anywho....I don't actually have anything to post about....except for Happy April and that Spring has pretty much sprung here. Tuesday it is supposed to get up to 78 degrees. :)

I am continuing to procrastinate on getting my NaNoWriMo novel finished, editing and stuff wise. I only have till June. I've been drawing a picture of Charlotte from my book, and she still needs color and maybe a nose/mouth job. LOL I'll put a pic of it on Picasa when it's done. :)

Tonight Mimi's coming over and over some sort of food (xD I don't know what it is yet, maybe chicken casserole, or roast or chilli) we're going to watch.... TANGLED! *Flynn yays go up from the crowd*

WHAT? You don't know what a Flynn yay is?

Obverve. (The yay comes at about 0:13)

That, my friends, is a Flynn Yay.

So now that we have our culture clip for the day, I'm signing off. Have a great day, everyone!



Rachel said...

Happy April! Happy Spring! Happy Field Trip Is Soon Day! *Flynn yay*
I have that problem too. I have no idea what to post about. Ugh. It gets annoying.

Leanna said...


I mean *cough cough* excuse, I wrote that wrong.

*repeats Flynn yay*

Much better. :D

Glad you see you back Quinlyn! Missed seeing your lovely {but crazy! xD} Julie.


Savvy Sav said...

Hi Quinny!

It's me Georgia from Georgia's life. I'm back on! I was just wondering if you could spread the word of me back on.. Thanks!


Lena said...

We miss you, Quinlyn! Please blog again soon!

And please visit my new blog, Professor Poppet: