Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

Hi Everyone!

Happy March! :) I'm sorry I didn't post the first day of March, but I barely even thought of it. Michael is pretty sick and my mom and dad don't feel so great either....right now I'm the only one feeling completely fine.

Anyway, I changed my blog just like I said! I put up a new background, changed the colors on my header and made my cbox green. I'll probably put a picture on the header as usual but I'm going to take one, maybe of Felicity in my Irish Dance dress for dolls or all my dolls in green....IDK :)

Hope you have a great month and enjoy the new look!



Hannah said...

Your blog is looking really awesome. I love all the green!

Meredith Roark Childress said...

Quinlyn...It's really beautiful! I love refreshing and Spring-like. You've inspired me to think about mine as well, but I don't think there's any green on my backgrounds! Love...Mimi

Meredith Roark Childress said...

Yes, I did find a green background with four leaf clovers or shamrocks on it! Looks pretty good and I like celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for the inspiration! Love...Mimi

Miranda said...

I tagged you, Quinlin! Now you have to say seven random things about yourself! ;D


Jerica said...

Yay! Glad to see your back, Quinlyn!

Anonymous said...

I got IVY now I have Elisibeth, Mia, Julie, Emily, and Ivy Mia and Emily are 2 of a set of septuplets (7)