Saturday, December 18, 2010

It snowed!! :)

Hi Everyone!! snowed! :D Woot! The first day it was only like half an inch, but then it snowed overnight and we ended up getting about 2-3 inches! Michael and I played in it and I took pictures, which you can see HERE. :) Also, Julie did a post on my doll's blog, which you can see HERE. She talked about the snow in a much better way than I can, so I suggest you go read the post! LOL

On another I'm sitting here typing this blog post I am:

1. Engulfed in the delicious smell of cooking meat-the beginnings of chilli. :D
2. Listening to Andrea Bocceli's My Christmas album. It's GREAT!
3. Wanting Michael to mute the Webkinz video he's watching....LOL
4. Excited for tonight. We're going to my grandma's house and going to eat chilli and watch A Christmas Carol. :)

So yep....that's about all. Byeee!


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Anne said...

YAY! SNOW!!! We got snow too!!! I love snow!!!! Pretty picture, Quinlyn! You can see pictures of the snow we got on my blog too. :)