Monday, November 8, 2010

One Week Till my Birthday and Update on NanoWriMo!

Hey Everyone!

As of today, my birthday is in ONE WEEK!!!!! :D I'm SO excited! I think my dolls are excited too because every holiday they anxiously await me to come into my room with any doll stuff I get, especially if they are new outfits or pets or even sisters! :) I have a few dolls that I really want this year, so I told my mom to surprise me. She usually knows best in these matters! LOL

On another note, I FINISHED my NaNoWriMo novel! Except for editing, of course. I wrote the whole thing in three days! I was on a huge roll, I guess because I kept thinking of new things for my character to do. The book is called Charlotte. Here's the book cover picture:

The novel is about a girl, not a doll, but I have no girls to take pictures of and taking a photo of yourself is difficult, so I decided to use Kirsten and make her look like a person. :) What do you guys think of the cover?

Have to go, See you guys later!



Hannah said...

I like the cover of your book. My birthday is coming up as well. I don't really like telling people what I want for some reason.

Miranda said...

Kirsten looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I think your cover looks amazing! Did you have fun writing? :)

Katie said...

Hi! My name's Katie and I LOVE your blog! The picture's really awesome, you can hardly tell it's a doll!

Alisha said...

Wow, congrats on writing your novel in three days! That's amazing! Your cover looks really nice! I can barely tell it's a doll. Do you get a printed copy of your book now?

Also, Happy almost Birthday! I hope you get some doll stuff that you really like! :)

Alice said...

Happy early birthday, Quinlyn! I love your book cover that you did for your NaNo book! I love your doll's hair!


Hannah said...

1 week?? Wow!

The cover is super pretty!


May said...

Awesome. My word count is 20,000 words and I've done about 3,500 words. I have err... a lot to go. I'm gonna write some more now though.


Anne said...

Hi Quinlyn! :)

You have a beautiful, gorgeous book cover! Kirsten looks like a real person! Happy early birthday too! :)