Monday, October 11, 2010

Pics for you on Columbus Day!

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you've had a good day. I certainly have, since today I had the day off from school. I was super happy that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted today. LOL! I spent most of it chatting with my friends, I bought a new outfit for Elsie, then my mom said I should go out and get some excercise. So I went, played basketball for a little while, and then I just had to take some pictures!

My subjects were my first three ALOF dolls-Laylie, Millie, and Elsie. I don't know why I only chose three, but I guess I figured that taking all five out would be too much of a handful. Elsie, as I mentioned above, has a new outfit, and I absolutely love her in it! She looks gorgeous! So I did a photoshoot with my girls and uploaded the pictures to Picasa. I'm sure you're just DYING to see them (maybe not, Lol!) so here they are:

I hope you like them! If you have a Picasa, I would love if you commented! :) I really like to know what people think of my photos. I had such a great time taking them!

Another thing I did today is play with my family's new iPod touch. It's the coolest thing ever! I never thought we'd get one, but my dad just came home with it after my mom told him she needed an MP3 player for something. Like I said, it's the coolest thing ever! I've downloaded some free apps, and Michael loves Webkinz so he downloaded the Polar Plunge Webkinz game app. Hehe. My friend Ima Virginia is helping me with my song collection, too. The iPod has only been in the family for about five days, but we love it. LOL!

Did you do anything today, or did you have school?

I'll have balloon fiesta pics up soon! :) I took quite a few!


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