Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Best Fourth of July I EVER had!!

Hi Everyone!

Panting, sweaty, and hot, I write this. I just had the best fourth of July I've ever had in my LIFE. This is because I had friends to share it with. :)

We moved to our new house last year, and I didn't make friends right away. In fact, I only really made "friends" last month. I really started to feel like I belong here. And today I had the time of my life with my new friends!

The day started out with nothing special. A few waving of flags, and some bustle for getting ready for tonight. Then Michael and I decided to set up a special Fourth of July fair for our dolls! We set it all up and I took lots of pictures. I also made it into a photo story, which you can read HERE.

After I took the pictures for my photostory, we ate supper. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, mashed potatoes, and some other veggies. We ate on our white picnic table in our backyard, and I made a little centerpiece for the table by putting a flag in some candles. It looked really nice! :) We also turned on the TV and watched a bit of the fireworks shows. Justin Beiber performed "Baby" at the Macy's Fireworks. It was...uh interesting. LOL As we were eating, we started hearing some fireworks and seeing some sparks! I went and got a box of Pop-Its and startled my mom and grandma with one under the table. LOL Then I got restless and kept popping them. Michael called his best friend Mathew so that he could come over and do fireworks with us. Michael and I scattered into the front yard and our friends (mentioned above) were out, having a party! :D There was Riley, Sarah, Georgia, Emma, Mathew (he came a little later after Michael called), and Taylor. We did some more Pop-Its and then my dad and some of the other dad's got out the FIREWORKS! :D They started lighting them and all the kids and me were hopping around and screaming and clapping. Near the end, Riley and Taylor and I sang the Star Spangled Banner together (we ended up doing it about three After the fireworks, we did Sparklers, which are super duper fun. :D After all the sparklers ran out, we got more Pop-Its (we do the most of those, since all the kids can pop them whenever and they are small. LOL) and popped them together. The grownups just sat around laughing and talking and watch us kids run around like crazy people. We ran and screamed and tickled and all sorts of things. It was getting near the end of the party when Riley and Taylor started up a basketball game! Taylor has a basketball hoop in her driveway. Riley is pretty goofy and her team was the Teddybears. ROTFL! Michael had the second team, and after himself he named the team the M-inators. The game was on, and I mostly missed baskets. I wanted to make just ONE cool basket because all the grown-ups were watching our game. It was SO much fun though, I barely cared if I made a basket or not. But then I finally made a little one, and it was getting down to the home stretch. Riley said that the score was tied and the next basket wins. I got the ball, and I made the winning basket!!!! :D I was super excited to win! It was a great end to a wonderful, fun, exciting, supremely AWESOME day.

I hope you had a great Fourth of July too!



Maddi said...

I like the photo story!

Hannah (Hannie) said...

Yay! It sounds like you had an AWESOME 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

I liked the photostory, and yay for Leah for winning the race! I had a fun 4th of July too! I went to my aunt's for lunch, then to her mom's house for swimming, then ended at her country club for dinner and fireworks!

Anonymous said...

It rained all day here! I've never lit off the fireworks while it's still sprinkling! Sounds like you had fun! -Cara

Anne said...

That's awesome, Quinlyn! :) I'm glad you had fun! :) I did too! I went to Florida and I saw fireworks on the beach! I was able to see them right outside our hotel too on our balcony! There were so many of them! I also watched Macy's fireworks!

Siobahn said...

It sounded like you had a great 4th of July! I did too, but my camera died right before the fireworks started so I didn't get any photos. :( But it was still great! :)

Gianna said...

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God bless,

Bette said...

Hey Quinlyn, this is the first time i looked at your blog. i found it through libby. My name is bette and i have a blog too its address is
I loved your post!


Sara said...

I am really glad you had a good time!!!! :D
In Him,