Sunday, May 2, 2010

I got Violet!!! :D

Hey Everyone!

Lots of people have been asking me when I was going to get Violet, or have I gotten Violet yet? Well...I am very excited to say...

YES I HAVE! :D I got her April 30th but I kept her to myself for a few days. ;) She is SO pretty! I love her so much!! :D Here are some pictures of her:

Violet still in her box :D

So pretty :D

Here she is, out of her box! She's so adorable! I found that little bag for her to keep her bible in!

Close up of her adorable face.

And her pretty sash. LOL

I'm also doing a photo story about Violet. :)
So that's about it. Hope you enjoyed this post. WELCOME HOME VIOLET! :D


~Nicki~ said...

How pretty! Personally I think she looks the prettiest out of all the ALOF, simply because her hair is so lovely!
~Libby (hijacking Nicki's account :O)

Sonja said...

I can't wait to see more pics!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I might get an ALOF, but didn't want to get Violet because she looks like Chrissa (I own Chrissa) but from your pictures, she is very unique! Now you have completed your ALOF collection!

Anne said...

YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
:) SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL DOLL! :) Congrats!

Hannah said...

Um Quinlyn? I was just wondering how you got the old edition Vi from Family I didn't know they sold her like that. And I thought that your mom was going to give Vi to you for a giftgiving occasion! Why did she decide to give Vi to you now? I'm not trying to be nosy, I'm just wondering. I wish I could complete my collection. I probably never will, but there might be a chance. And you may have noticed that I have not been commenting for a while! Well that's because I moved into our new house! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yay! lol

The dolls and Kallie said...

awesome! she is soooo pretty! where did you get her??? I reallt want her!!

Hannah (Hannie) said...

She's gorgeuos, Quinlyn! I awarded you on my blog, You are a "sweet friend"! Talk soon,


Sarah H said...

I have awarded you!

Nutti Netti said...

she's adorable! I awarded you, too!

Jasmine said...

I uh, awarded you to!