Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tween Girl's Daybook Week 2

Hey Everyone!

It's time for Tween Girls Daybook. Week 2 for me! :) If you want to do this too, then head on over to Iona's blog! :)

Date: Sunday, April 11th
Starting time: 7:47 PM
Mood: Happy, hungry, excited

Outside my window: Almost dark...and a wall LOL
I was just in: The schoolroom
I'm thinking: Why do I have to share my thoughts?
I'm reading: Nothing at the moment. I just finished two books and I need something else to read...
I'm listening to: The TV blaring in the living room and once in a while my brother and grandmother laughing in the schoolroom. They are playing Monopoly!
I'm wearing: Navy pants, pink and white striped top, and my awesome pink converse! :D

I am also doing: Swinging the chair and chatting...
Yesterday, I: Went to Smith's and played outside
I'm excited for: Watching Dr. Quinn (or Sarah Plain and Tall, not sure which yet) tonight, eating, and Friday
I'm sad because: I'm not sad...LOL

I'm hungry for: Baked potatoes (we are having them tonight and I can smell them cooking :D)
The song stuck inside my head is: Hot Air Balloon by Owl City
I want: To eat and to watch something (see What Are You Excited For)
I love: My dolls, my grandmother, Baked potatoes...and Dr. Quinn! :D And Sarah Plain and Tall! Woo!
This week, my goal is: To stop being so obsessed over Dr. Quinn! And to sell my pink headband on Etsy
Ending time: 7:53 PM

That was fun! :D Thanks Iona for this!



Iona said...

I am a commenting person...Because Quinny said she loves comments...and uh....So I am commenting...Uhh....So yeah...Here is a shout out to Quinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannie said...

I LOVE hot air balloon by Owl City! One of my favorite songs...hehe! :)

Hannah said...

Hey Quinlyn!

That is really funny! I like how you put your little "blog reactions" under your posts! I should do that too! It looks really nice! I love adding things to my blog!