Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Late Easter! :D

Hey Guys!

Happy Late Easter! I'm sorry I didn't get a post done on Easter...we were really busy! :D I got some wonderful things! :D I got a few books, a giftcard for Barnes and Noble, two new outfits, and an outfit for Kirsten! Also a wonderful card! And from my grandmother I got a doll coat she sewed and the doll hair pick! I have yet to take pictures of everything, but I do have a picture of Kirsten in her dress and Laylie in her coat:

Kirsten in her Summer Dress! The hat refuses to stay on. LOL!

Laylie in the beautiful purple coat!

Sorry the middle of the pics were kind of blurry...I think something got on my camera. :P

We also had a fun time coloring eggs and a great time hunting them! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of us hunting eggs, or me in my Easter dress for that matter...phooey. I was extremely lazy that day and didn't much want to take pictures. LOL!

Here are some pictures of us coloring eggs:

All the eggs!
Michael and I dying and decorating (Did I say DYING? Well..with dye LOL!)

Me with a pink egg. I know it's not a very good pic...I hate flash! LOL
So I had a really awesome Easter! :D How was yours?


Anne said...

I love your new doll outfits! They are so cute! WOW! That's a lot of eggs! You're so pretty too!I helped my little nephew find eggs in an easter egg hunt. We had Easter lunch and dinner. We also had candy and easter baskets! My late Easter present is on it's way to me! (It's the Celtic Rainbow CD!) Happt late Easter! :)

Georgia said...

Mine was great! About the Peechy Keen dress, if you do buy it could you rate Lily Rose?

Thank you SO much!!

Jo March said...

We had lovely Easter! Christ is Risen! :)

I love the purple coat!

Madeline@AGDC said...

That's so cool! On Easter I was waiting for you to post something, thinking, "Surely Quinlyn has not forgotten Easter!" LOL! Great post!

Hannie said...

Glad you had a great easter! We did too!

Grace said...

In your info you said you have 3 AG's. I know you have Julie, Kirsten, and Millie and Laylie, but what's the AG doll? The 3rd one?

Hannah said...


It's not Quinlyn here, but there must've been a misunderstadning, because she has 3 AG's: Kirsten, Julie, and a Bitty Twin named Jessica. Then she has four other dolls from a company called "A Life of Faith." They are: Laylie, Elsie, Millie, and Kathleen. Hope that helps!

P.S. 2 Quinlyn: How did you put music on your blog????

Hannah said...

You are really pretty too Quinlyn!