Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etsy Items?

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions about what I should make and put on Etsy. So far I've only sold one thing, and I would really like to get more business. :) If you guys have something you'd really like to buy, then I could possibly make it and put it on Etsy. :)

That's all for now!



jennakat said...

I would love to see some dolly blankets! And maybe pillows tou go with it? like a bed set? or maybe a sleepover set! with little sleeping bags! Wait, you know what? don't do that stuff! I WANT TO MAKE IT! LOL JKJKJK but if you don't I WILL Bye Qgirl!

Hannah said...

I think that some doll sweaters would be nice. I would like to buy those.

Doodledog said...

First of all, a little doll blanket or jacket would be adorable!

Also, I have an Etsy account myself, and to have sold something this early is a miracle! Etsy buisness is a little slow, as i know from experience, but not to worry. The only reason for that is because people put so much stuff up, your thing that you're selling is only on the top for a minute or two, then it gets buried.

But not to worry. If you've already sold something (which isn't surprising, your things are adorable!), I know you'll do great! Good luck, and I'm looking for some winter wear for my three dolls (all I have is one jacket).