Saturday, February 6, 2010

Orange's New Duds!

Hi Everyone!
A few days ago I made an outfit for my Faith and Friends doll, Orange You Cute! Yeah, she still doesn't have a name. :P Don't rush me! LOL
Anyway, I knitted the skirt out of the last bit of some navy blue wool yarn I had. Wool was the only yarn I had in navy blue. It started curling as I knit it up, but it turned out ok. :) The shirt I sewed in about 45 minutes. It would have been about 10 if I had a sewing machine. LOL Here are some pictures: Aww! She looks so cute! I love her sandals with this outfit. It's a summer outfit.

So there you have it. :)
I have a second shirt like that all pinned up, I think I might add buttons in the front to that one and make it a little different. I really like making clothes for the F&F dolls! They are a great size and you can make clothes for them out of your scraps of fabric, yarn, etc. :)
I am thinking about making more outfits kinda like this (don't worry, the skirt will look better, lol) and selling them. What do you think? :)


Hannah said...

I would DEFINITELY buy your doll clothes from you in a heartbeat! I don't have a F&F doll, but I would by for AG or liv! You should make clothes to sell!!!! I'd buy!

Jasmine said...

Cool! I will probably start selling AG gathered dresses once I can perfect them!

Hannie said...

If you can't decide on a name for your doll, you can always chose your five favorites and put up a poll! That would be fun! Just a suggestion:)

The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

Awww! Her outfit is adorable! How big are f and f's? I love the skirt! It almost looks like a jean skirt from the photo!

Hannah A. said...

Maybe you should name her Kate! She looks like that. Otherwise maybe Emma? You did a good job on that skirt!

Hannah said...

Oh, that is SO cute!!! You are so creative:)

Anne said...

So cute, Quinlyn!
She is an adorable doll! I love the outfit you made for her! I would sell outfits! I bet girls would love to get cute outfits for their dolls! My mom told me I should sell doll clothes that I make! I think I will over the summer! :)