Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Home, Kathleen!

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided that since I had enough, I would buy one of the ALOF dolls. And guess who I picked? Kathleen! I love her hair and she just looks so sweet with my other dollies! She is currently standing right by me! Violet will have to stay in her box until a gift-giving occasion. ;) Oh, how rude of me! Of course you want to see pictures! :D

The whole ALOF gang!


Isn't she pretty?
More pictures coming, I think Kathy is due for a photo shoot. ;)


Hannah E. said...

She's sooooooooooooooo C-U-T-E!!!

Queen Lucy said...

Little Kathleen is adorable! Don't you think she looks younger than the others?

Anne said...

She is a cutie!!
She does look younger than the others. She has such a cute face!
I got a doll today too!
My Lanie came!!!!

Hannah said...

Ahhh!!! in loooove with her!! what color eyes does she have?

she does look younger than the other dolls. maybe it's becuase her face is chubbier.

ahhh!!! lovin' those curls!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Yes, Hannah, she does look younger than the others due to a different face mold. :D

16OldFashionDolls said...

Oh! Oh !Oh! Oh !Oh !Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh MY!BEAAAAAAAAUUUTIFUL!!!...what more can I say?

I am in LOVE!


Jasmine said...

Kathleen is adorable!!!! Although I still she looks like she is 5. Have you seen your Grandmother's Violet yet? Which dress did her's come in? Is she as pretty as I'm hoping?!?!?!?!


Oh and did you choose Kathleen so we would have different dolls (if I get Violet) I like being different! LOL!

Anonymous said...

She is soooooo CUTE!!!!! She does look younger than the other ones!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! So happy for you guys!! :D


Jo March said...

I'm browsing your archives right now, Quinlyn, and I love this post about your dolls! My sisters have AG dolls *seven* of them, and they want me to post up some pics of them soon, so look for that on Scraps in the next week....

Jo March said...

P.S. I'm sending my 13 year old sis Leia over here to read your blog, so look for her your followers soon :)